Ghana ThinkTank is so grateful to the Syrian and Afghan Refugees who came together at the Krnjaca refugee centre and Miskaliste daily centre in Serbia to serve as Think Tanks solving diversity problems from Houston, Texas!

And thanks so much to Gordana Gorka Ristic from the Serbian non-profit Generator for organizing this effort amidst incredibly difficult and heart-wrenching circumstances.

And, of course, to Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts' Pia Agrawal and Karen Farber at CounterCurrent for supporting this project. We collected Houston Diversity problems at the 2016 CounterCurrent festival with the Border Cart, and will be implementing solutions from the Think Tanks at the 2017 Counter Current Festival in Houston April 18-23. 

Much, much more to look out for between now and then. Follow our Instagram for the most frequent updates.